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Five Things Right Now | The Online Edition

Five Things Right Now: Valeria Luiselli

Valeria Luiselli

Valeria Luiselli, published her most recent novel, The Story of My Teeth, last month. She shares five things she’s reading, watching and thinking about right now.

Poetry | The Online Edition padlock

The Butcher

Stephen Sexton

‘Outside deer are nowhere to be seen and inside / the radio spectrum fills up with sorrowful little packets of data.’

Essays & Memoir | The Online Edition

Orion’s Belt

Cristhiano Aguiar & Francisco Vilhena

‘When I boarded the aeroplane, the lady immediately caught my eye.’

Essays & Memoir | The Online Edition

On the Refugee Crisis

Sarah Moss

‘I imagine that each of my migrant forebears needed a bit of help on each arrival, a bit of human decency’

Poetry | The Online Edition


Claudia Rankine

‘Certain moments send adrenaline to the heart, dry out the tongue’


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