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Your Youth

Kelly Schirmann

‘I have never been in love / with so many variants of nothing.’

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Black Country

Anthony Cartwright

‘There’s a sense, I think, that what that X in the box translates as is seventeen and a half million voices that say, we’re still here.’

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Rae Armantrout

‘Music needs silence / more than silence needs music.’ New poetry by Rae Armantrout.

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Feng Sun Chen

‘Every day, I see a monstrosity in the kissing hole.’

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Bad Faith

Ken Follett

‘Every sect needs jargon. We did not have churches, we had halls; services were called meetings; the congregation was the assembly; elders were overseers’

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Blue Sky Days

Tomas van Houtryve & Eliza Griswold

‘For those caught beneath its thrum, there’s no comfort that the drone, and whoever is at its helm in America, is only targeting the bad guys.’ Eliza Griswold introduces Tomas van Houtryve's unsettling photo-essay taken by drones coming close to civilian life in the manner of the drones currently deployed in Afghanistan.

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Green, Mud, Gold

Sara Baume

‘She shuts her eyes and pictures ears growing out through her ears, her spine turning to wood, pictures herself as a girl-woman scarecrow, arms opened wide, and nailed to two posts in the centre of a great green, mud and gold expanse, crucified.’

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